Dachshund Whining


Some Dachshunds are naturally more vocal than others. Most Dachshund puppies are going to whine when they first leave their mother and littermates and come to a new home. After all they are a bit frightened, more than a bit nervous and really in a completely foreign environment. Dachshund whining is natural and normal, but it also can become a serious behavioral problem that may be signaling the onset of separation anxiety.

Puppy Dachshund whining can occur for several reasons. These can include:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Need to go to the bathroom
  • Physical discomfort with temperature
  • Physical pain
  • Lack of attention
  • Fear and loneliness from separation from the litter

To eliminate most of these issues, have a safe, warm and secure place for your Dachshund puppy when you bring him or her home. It should be in an area where the puppy can see people, not isolated away from everyone. Provide fresh water, feed the correct amount of food on a schedule, provide a toilet area for the Dachshund puppy away from bedding, food and water and provide some toys for the puppy to play with.  A radio or a television on very low in the background can help provide some sounds but avoid anything loud or frightening.

Dachshund whining from pain has a different sound for most puppies. It will be very high pitched and repetitive and often occurs when the puppy is moving, eating or attempting to go to the bathroom. Immediately take the puppy to the vet if pain is suspected as the cause.

Once all of these possible causes of whining are eliminated, the only ones left are loneliness and fear of a new place and environment. By keeping your puppy in the same area and moving slowly, providing lots of gentle petting and attention as well as your soft, reassuring voice this should decrease within a day or two.

Attention seeking Dachshund whining is the most problematic since it can be an early sign of a potential for separation anxiety or at the very least the sign of a very demanding little puppy that thinks he or she is in charge. It is important right from the first day to not attend to a puppy when it is whining once all the causes except attention seeking behavior have been eliminated. Even a puppy that is new it his or her surroundings shouldn’t whine constantly and they will quickly fit in.

If you or any member of the family picks up, plays with or even goes over and interacts with the Dachshund puppy when he or she whines for attention they will quickly learn how to train you to respond to their needs. Instead, ignore the Dachshund whining for attention, but as soon as the puppy is quiet and doing the right thing make time to play, pet and cuddle with the dog.

Provide a crate, bed area or puppy pen that becomes the puppy’s comfort zone. Don’t give in and bring the puppy to bed because he or she whines unless you want a Dachshund sleeping in your bed for the rest of their life. If you are comfortable with that there is no problem, but just remember never giving into your Dachshund whining for attention is much easier to handle than having to train a mature dog to stop the behavior you have inadvertently encouraged for years.